Crosses for Christmas began in September 2016. This project was inspired by John Raynor, who was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer in September 2014. Soon after, John began making small crosses, baby beds and toys to give to children in Wilson, NC and to bless orphans in Africa. Hundreds of crosses and toys were handmade by John as gifts to children. Unfortunately for us, John went to be with his Lord Jesus on October 19, 2016, but we carry on this ministry of blessing children across the world as a part of his legacy. In 2016 more than $11,000 went to help children in 9 countries! This year we are helping children in 5 countries. 

Ministry & Partners

Making a Difference

Your donation of $10 sponsors a cross, support and love for a disadvantaged or orphaned child in Myanmar, Kenya, DR Congo, Rwanda or Colombia. As a gift, you will receive a unique handmade Christmas ornament cross.


Make A Difference!

Your donation will share the love of Jesus with a child.

Crosses for Christmas is a global outreach project of First Free Will Baptist Church, Wilson, NC. We are proud to partner with the following ministries in this project:

Harvesters InternationalA Kid's Hope

Blaze Ministries International (Colombia)...

  • November 2016: Financial donations made to ministry partners.
  • December 2016: Cross distributions in Colombia, Rwanda, Myanmar, Democratic republic of the Congo, Kenya, the Philippines, Mexico and Bulgaria.
  • September 1, 2017 Facebook campaign begins!
  • October 22, 2017 Your gifts for 2017 totaled $7347! Thank You!

John and Teri Raynor 

John's wife Teri (pictured) and family proudly participate in this project as an outreach ministry partnered with their church, First Free Will Baptist Church, Wilson, NC. Read the Wilson Daily Times article from September 2016!

Thank You! Your gifts for 2017 totaled $7347!

Find your Greatest Joy by helping others

Myanmar 2016

Our Mission

Our goal is to make a positive impact for children through our ministry partners. Although some locations are remote, where possible, we will distribute a handmade cross for Christmas to a child, in addition to meaningful material support.

Join Us

Colombia 2016


  • September 2016: Inaugural Facebook campaign begins.
  • September 2016: Volunteers begin making more than 1000 crosses for children and  200 sponsor crosses.
  • October 17, 2016: Facebook campaign ends with donations of $11,119! 
  • October 2016: cross distributions in Uganda.

Crosses for Christmas